About our kit !

We buy lots of kit for our own use and do some dry hire.

If we have something you want, get in touch. We give great deals with product support from our crew who use this kit on the battlefield every day!



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Multi-camera Video

We have scaleable HD and 4K production kit which can be integrated with existing kit or condensed into small flyaway units for foreign assignments.

  • BMD Ursa broadcast 4K system camera channels
  • Sony FS7 production cameras with prime or zoom lens
  • Video problem solvers, lots of scalers and convertors, fibre optic adaptors
  • Dante talkback or legacy Analogue systems
  • BMD 12G hyperdec racks
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Audio, Connectivity, AOIP, Dante

We have some very nice sound kit; a very tasty Calrec Brio with Dante stage boxes and GS Mic-Pre, a good location kit based around the Sound Devices 688, all the classic microphones, radios, talkback, IEM etc

Anything commentary – we’ve got it!  Glensound, Dante boxes, lip ribbon mics, headsets and a DVB video distribution system.

We are also a particularly useful resource for audio connectivity kit. We have SIP, Analogue, PABX or GSM TBU kits.

We also have the largest collection of Comrex IP codecs outside the BBC and plenty of product knowledge getting different codecs to play ball!

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Stage & Set

Our stage and set department relish the chance to get creative and make your event really stand out!

We keep a stock of standard event items: lecturns, desks, flats and furniture, but can also do bespoke work from our well equipped workshop at Crayford.

We also have a good lighting department that can cater for both event and  broadcast assignments.

If you’re planning a live event for the web it makes good sense to use a company who understand lighting for cameras.

We make your event look good at the venue and also on the small screen.

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