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Back to work!

Lockdown over and the return to work has started! SCTV have opened a ‘hybrid’ studio in Holborn Central London.
Our ‘Video Communications Hub’ is designed for on site presenters to reach and interact with a remote audience who can join by video or audio conference.
Our studio features 4 x 4K cameras which poke through the studio wall for an excellent safe working environment. The presenters view is like a TV gallery – everything they need is in front of them. Powerpoint, outside sources, clocks, timers and even a view of the director who manages the event from the room next door.

Work With Us

Results! We have done a few

SCTV work with the leading webcast companies on hundreds of interactive corporate results, staff and shareholder presentations every year.

When an event is televised or streamed live it makes good sense to use broadcast professionals who make your event look and sound good on the web and at the venue.

SCTV do the full service – stage, set, light, sound, cameras, graphics and connectivity.

In a typical year we do about 500 of these events, mainly for FTSE 100 companies. We could drop names but we won’t!

And our financial results?

C+ for effort – lay off buying gadgets!

Work With Us

The Press We Deserve

The debate show is a staple format in TV land but a bit more unusual on the web!

This was a big budget show called ‘The Press we Deserve’ hosted by Harry Evans for the Reuters news agency.

SCTV have a very good knowledge of outside broadcasting so were able to choose the perfect OB vehicle (the one used for BBC Question Time) together with a hand picked team of our staff and freelancers.

Smashed it!

Work With Us


A difficult job commissioned by our friends at “Brandfuel”  – a referendum debate featuring the Prime Minister and all the main players in the EU drama.

For the first time social media was the key battleground. We managed a Buzzfeed debate show streamed live on Facebook with interaction from both a studio and web audience.

Not much time to plan this one, and all the staff and equipment were in France working on the Euros. It fell to our tech manager Ant to organise a coalition with broadcast chums ‘Trickbox” and hire a ton of kit from all over London to be rigged at Facebook HQ in 24 hours.

Two live galleries with umpteen graphic feeds, nightmare power problems to solve, things were looking grim! But sometime in the middle of the night we got it sorted and the live event next day went without a hitch.

Note to political spin doctors …

if you think there’s a risk that a member of a studio audience might use…. err… basic ‘Anglo Saxon’ to suggest a …. ‘direction of travel’ for your first minister and you don’t want it heard on TV- get someone else to do the audio – coz if we’re doing sound it’s always crystal!

Work With Us

BBC New Broadcasting House

Auntie occasionally asks us to come and help at New Broadcasting House and of course we are delighted to send over our 4k flyaway PPU and crew.

Our friends there love the pictures our new 4k system cameras produce and our crews always play very nicely together!

We are delighted to continue supporting the BBC and look forward to the next exciting show!

Work With Us

Everything but the jokes

Hashtag comedy started as an engineering test –  but in the end we did the lot. We booked the venue and performers, built the set, wrote the music, provided lights, camera, sound and streamed it live.

We built a 4K production unit in the back of our big events van and filmed two really awesome live shows.

It was a great night for audience, crew and performers. We captured a lovely relaxed atmosphere which has attracted broadcast interest.

Hopefully more of these to come!

Directed by Nick Pin, produced by Emma Hawkings. Thanks to you both.

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O little town of Birm-ing-ham

Four live studios and 35 crew for a week-long World TV Christmas production to showcase HSBC University in Birmingham starring Ruby Wax – all built in one very busy morning!

Expertly managed techs by Ant, Andy and Dan with special thanks to Annie Barker for production savvy.

We had our Christmas party in January that year !

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By Royal Appointment

The Queen opened a flagship building in the City of London and we streamed it live.

We followed the action with our 4K camera rig and uploaded a series of quick turnaround edited social media clips.

Thanks to our friend Barrie at Pixelfantastic for a lightning fast graphics solution!




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Webcast to Wedcast

A new strand of business for us  – but makes perfect sense!


Got people overseas who can’t make your special day – or perhaps you’d rather they didn’t?

Whatever! We film your wedding and stream it live. Yeah we know you can do it on FaceTime  – sort of – but how about something slicker –  maybe drone shots, three or four HD cameras, a properly mixed live band and a two way link with the loved ones who aren’t there?

All very do-able at a range of price options  – contact Hannah for more!


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