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Back to work!

Lockdown over and the return to work has started! SCTV have opened a ‘hybrid’ studio in Holborn Central London.
Our ‘Video Communications Hub’ is designed for on site presenters to reach and interact with a remote audience who can join by video or audio conference.
Our studio features 4 x 4K cameras which poke through the studio wall for an excellent safe working environment. The presenters view is like a TV gallery – everything they need is in front of them. Powerpoint, outside sources, clocks, timers and even a view of the director who manages the event from the room next door.

Work With Us

big football

The very biggest football in fact!

We’ve worked with ITV Sport on every football World Cup and European Championships since 1996.

We were there for all those memorable England performances in Japan, South Africa, Brazil, France, Portugal, Russia  –  you remember them don’t you?

For ITV we work on unilateral facilities.  We do commentary of course, the plumbing not the words!  We’re also pitch side for live presentations, in the players’ tunnel for live interviews and behind the scenes for some engineering roles.

With peak audiences of 20 million nothing is left to chance. We’re not happy unless there’s a backup for the backup of the backup! Then, when we’ve got it all working, we sit around pondering what we’d do if all that went wrong. We’re nice people at Sound Credit but really boring sometimes!

Work With Us
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