Rugby World Cup 2015

We’re so pleased to be involved in the England 2015 Rugby World Cup. Although we’ve delivered commentary services for previous World Cups, we’ve been able to extend our involvement as the tournament has come home to England. Read on for a quick rundown of the things we’ve been up to.

We’re providing all international commentary positions for every match of the tournament. So, no matter what Country you’re watching in, chances are the commentary is being managed by our commentary teams.

Press Conferences
We’re taking care of the PA and host broadcast mix for all post-match press conferences across all thirteen venues. We’ve carefully specified all of the kits to ensure maximum quality of sound, high levels of redundancy (backing up the backups!), while keeping them compact and discreet.

Remote Interpretation
When you’re dealing with a worldwide tournament, it’s common to have realtime translation taking place for members of the press. But when you have thirteen venues stretched out across the Country, this causes a bit of a problem.

So we got to work designing and building a remote translation centre at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), enabling us to centralise these services, and deliver maximum value.

The audio from each press conference is sent over our private network (thanks to the guys at BT!) over to the IBC, translated by a team of trained interpreters, and sent back to the press conference with almost no delay. This is then distributed to the press using wireless headsets. Simple!

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