UEFA Euros 2016

Some of our lucky team are based out in France for the duration of the UEFA Euros 2016 for ITV sport. We’re providing commentary, pitchside interview and presentation facilities, as well as master control room (MCR) operations at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC).

There are three commentary teams travelling around France for ITV, delivering commentary and allowing communications with the studio. Utilising the host broadcaster’s infrastructure, as well as a combination of IP, Phone and ISDN connectivity, we make sure that you don’t miss a word!

Our fibre team is based at a selection of games, delivering pitchside presentation and pre/post match interviews, implementing our purpose-build fibre units, allowing sound, vision and communications freely with the IBC, Paris Studio, and London.

Making sure you see every angle and hear every word, the Master Control Room sits in the middle of the entire operation, connecting the matches, the Paris studio overlooking Notre Dame, and ITV back in London seamlessly together.